feliway vs thunderease


feliway vs thunderease

We use our own invented, special algorithms to generate lists of Top 10 brands and give them our own Scores to rank them from 1st to 10th. My credentials are being a cat owner for 20+ years. I just wanted to comment. The original Feliway product is recommended for problems with spraying and urine marking. Hello, My cat freaked out, and she seemed to respond as if there was another cat somewhere in the house - that is, another cat that she could neither see nor hear. I have used it sometimes for a few months on end then discontinued use with no ill effects. To receive the best results, you need to use this pheromone spray for 30 consecutive days. Could a new study explain the “Yahtzee Barf”? I would not recommend it at all! “Using Feliway [Multicat] when adopting an additional cat may help the relationship begin well.” Dog and Cat Pheromones Aren't a Magical Solution While calming pheromones may help with many issues in both dogs and cats, they don’t work for every potential issue or … I’m not even sure the diagnosis (anxiety) was correct. Feliway recommends changing the diffuser every 6 months. However, we've had much better results with Thunderease -- we've used it before (via vet recommendation). In addition to that, this is a bit different diffuser than the ones we have seen above especially Thunderease vs Feliway plug ins. feliway vs comfort zone. The blend of ingredients is so safe that the spray can be applied to fabrics and metals. No funding from Ceva. I live in Illinois but University of Illinois discontinued their behavior program last year. But major progress, which to me WAS a miracle. I have to agree with you. Both those cats are wearing pheromone collars and those alone are expensive, I haven't gotten to the plugins yet which always have mixed reviews. I think that for many veterinarians and consultants, the line of thinking seems to be, well it might help, and it probably doesn’t hurt…so…why not? Tried heating oads, more massages, catnip playtimes. Wow - very interesting! I do not know if it works......happened immediately. I asked if they'd had any prior reports, got mumbles I couldn't understand. "Casey (I took these claims from the Feliway website). Most of the time she doesn’t, despite her lifelong high anxiety. This is because of the way it works. Jun 22, 2015 #9 artiemom Artie, my Angel; a part of my heart. I just purchased feliway diffuser for the area in our home where confrontations happen the most and it seemed to be working until we go to sleep then the fighting starts. Just like people, dogs and cats can get stressed. 4 y/o, with increasing violence when he can get to her, in part because she acts like prey. I didn't notice the Feliway making a difference, but a few days ago, when the cats' conflict seemed to be unexpectedly ramping back up, I looked down and noticed that the diffuser was empty. I must commend your very balanced & well written view, particularly paragraph from "Although it works in my situation......... that can make a world of difference and result in long term solutions.". The effect seemed to be driven by the cat carrier, not the Feliway. That thread is from 2013! From the look of these comments, it seems like it's hit or miss with the Feliway. Feliway MultiCat pheromone is a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by a mother cat during lactation. Be wary anyone considering it. Does feliway work? She hid behind furniture, under a bed, and amidst items in my attached garage. Frank, D, 2010 - review of use of pheromones for cats and dogs (included several of the aforementioned studies). It’s not due to placement or an old diffuser. Yes, there are lots of prescription anti-anxiety medications available for instance calming dog treats. I must commend your very balanced & well written view, particularly paragraph from "Although it works in my situation......... that can make a world of difference and result in long term solutions.". Feliway can and does work. Anyway, the fence seems to make her very nervous now. Mikel, Your email address will not be published. The fact that 'it can't hurt' is not true, unfortunately. My question is , is it possible she was withdrawing from pheromone. Thanks for the information . Far from a ringing endorsement of CEVA’s Feliway, I get very annoyed because every diffuser refill I have bought except one the wick dries up in use (bone dry). My house looks and smells like a cat shelter but hey, with a screened in porch and cat door and they will be happy for years to come. I suggest spraying at least a few hours in advance, leave the carrier door open for exploring. The veterinarian examining all cats was blind to whether the cat had been exposed to FFPA. So back to the question: Does Feliway work? The behavior modification I just have to implement myself, but I'm willing to research what I don't know. ThunderEase Multi-Cat Calming Diffuser mimics those nursing pheromones for a vet recommended calming solution that is proven to be over 90% effective in reducing the intensity and frequency of conflicts and helps your cats get along. Great article, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Joined Dec 22, 2014 Messages 7,633 Reaction score 11,013 Location near Boston . My only comment is that we can tell when the Feliway diffuser has run out because the younger female starts picking on the older more timid female, and one of the males also becomes more aggressive. Tough to do (find a large enough cohort of potential responders, then double blind that…) and maybe even harder to find funding for it….but not impossible. My new Siamese (of two) came out from under the bed & became a cuddler within days. I will not do that. We already had an adopted cat, and they did NOT like each other. Acknowledge it can work for other cats, a good veterinarian will advise it doesn’t work for all cats - but it is certainly worth a try, as the results can be quite remarkabke. I’m interested to know if anyone has seen an increase in aggression between cats with the multicat diffuser? So far, this ThunderEase option has worked well, from what I can tell. Feliway for cats. It’s frustrating, though, because I know so many students who take these modules, and I think they just assume that there is strong evidence that pheromone sprays are effective because they are mentioned so frequently in the modules. On 3 occasions since, when we let one of the diffusers run dry we had fighting. It literally lasted last one week. Feliway - it CAN work for you and your cat/s. I bought one to try to help my cats feel more comfortable with a kitten and within an hour of plugging it in, my cats were fighting. Sometimes they can suggest minor changes (unfortunately these are not always obvious to the cat owner) that can make a world of difference and result in long term solutions. We have two adult cats (one male, one female) and adopted a very young make kitten. Another study shows that Feliway™ doesn’t work. You can't spritz the inside walls of carrier two minutes before leaving for a vet visit and expect results. Funded by Ceva. A very expensive small bottle of apparently stinky water. Most of Ceva's studies have not gone through peer review, from what I can tell, so I would not consider them very helpful. That's why I looked up this page. I am so reluctant to spend this much money on something that may not work. When I opened the closet door my cat came tearing out, it had a heavy heavy burned electric smell. Unit Cost $ Check price … The blend of ingredients is so safe that the spray can be applied to fabrics and metals. That requires an apology. Unfortunately even though the aggressor got frightened she won't leave my other cat alone, constantly has to stalk her. Are you a cat owner? If it works it works in your situation, if not - not. My cat that I've had since a kitten for a little over a year and is spayed is still marking in the hallway near the utility room where she sleeps, eats, and poops. Shop our full collection of vet recommended ThunderEase calming pheromones. Thank you for you comments although it was a few years ago. He pulled the diffuser out of the wall and peed on it. Confining your cat to the bathroom will "manage" the damage your cat to do, but won't "retrain" cats - cats do not need training to use the litterbox. The female is having issues, including weight loss, lack of appetite, etc. Do the math on that one. Your comments seem to have more negative connotation then positive. OKAY----so pretty clearly someone is paying people to post fake comments in praise of Feliway. They do not like each other and growl at each other but don't actually fight. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray | Powered by FELIWAY | Reduce Anxiety During Travel, Vet Visits and Boarding at Amazon.com. I'm SO Confused: Feliway VS. So far, like Marci said, it's probably in my mind that it's helping....the female is still on top of the fridge. Do we think it will work in all situations? In googling I came across this article and I am among those who recommend feliway but only as an addition to environmental changes, and I never make it a must with my recommendations. You can also use the spray on the pet bedding, bandana, or even spray a little on your fingers and gently rub around muzzle, under chin, and top of chest! To sooth your furry friend's frazzled nerves, use calming aids, available in pet stores, to put him at ease. Cat pheromone diffusers is a limited product category with just a few main players: Feliway, Comfort Zone, and more recently, ThunderEase, which is best known for its weighted vests that help to calm dogs’ anxiety. This product should be off market.....look online many same experience! If you look at the other similarly-written numbers in the study, you'll see that this only makes sense (otherwise there was "a median level of weekly spraying of 9-0 in the treatment group" and other odd figures, as well as the equation Her recommendations were things I'd already tried in the past and didn't help. Replaced the product the next day and no problems since. This is a far cry from where she appeared to be pre-Feliway when she cowered further back into the condo any time I entered the room it is located in, even when I was delivering food. The diffuser releases a drug-free odorless vapor that can cover up to 700 square feet and last up to 30 days. I'm going to recommend it to a friend who has an elderly cat and just brought a small rabbit into the home as a pet for her seven-year-old daughter. ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit | Powered by FELIWAY | Reduce Cat Conflict, Tension and Fighting. I will finish again with this: Ceva, stop ignoring the wick drying up prematurely issue. Our situation at the time (3 years ago) was 3 cats in our home: 1 spayed female 14 yrs and 2 neutered males 9 and 10..... all were rescues and had been together for almost 10 tears without serious problems. Its been a long, slow process with food rewards, site-swapping, etc. Unfortunately we know that when cats are housed in high densities, spraying is very likely. We plugged it into our Living Room as that was her preferred place, sneaked out & closed door to give maximum effect. I can honestly say I believe it to work. I noticed in the Fear Free modules that they really push the use of pheromones. I would take her out of garage and put her in fenced area. Feliway obviously knows it's a problem, obviously doesn't give a damn. We have calming diffusers and sprays available for both dogs and cats. I find I get about 24 days out of each refill. Gradually, however, we noticed aggression creeping back in. We noted a decided change in her behavior with this product. Similarly, conflicts may happen in a multi-cat home. She is now going to stay outdoors permanently. At least not for my adopted stray cat. About 2 years ago my male started urinating and pooping outside the litter box. Great if pricey product if your cat/s respond to it or the situation. Expensive. There was a lot of tension and we'd been working with them both almost 24 hours a day to integrate them, and make them feel comfortable. The four cats are snippy with each other and still seem to be snippy with or without the diffuser. I know this is anecdotal, but I was really skeptical as to whether it would work. So still on the journey, but not using feromones. very happy to send out samples to anyone who wants to try! To learn more about the Feliway brand of products please visit www.makinghappierpethomes.com. Thank you for gathering this info and putting it together in an organized posting. So if we are trying to solve a behavior problem in cats, should we be recommending or using Feliway? Feliway classic: This type of Feliway is a general stress-reliever, which is designed to send "happy" signals to your cat. I have a three year old female cat that goes into heat. So do we think it works? 1ST of all thank you Michael for the in depth research and all other responders for the personal experience testimonies. Sentry Industries Inc. is a brand that produces various calming … They certainly (in my opinion) help: even if only during the introduction process. My cats started fighting out of the blue tonight. Any other suggestions? If you are interested in getting help from a behavior consultant, I recommend you go to iaabc.org and find a consultant near you (or one who can help you via phone or skype) on their consultant locator! I have the diffuser in my bedroom where we all spend the most time and I was woken up by a scuffle this morning. I ordered this product in desperation. He doesn't meow/cry when in the car, at the vet or in our new home. Studies have shown that the product is 90% effective and results in a significant reduction of undesired behaviors within 7 days. it's obviously a very controversial subject based on the number of comments this post has received! Hi Dale, Pheromones are chemicals that many animals use to communicate – and in cats, these chemicals are quite important! These things are much better use of money than pheromone products. Yes I wish it was not so expensive. It's at the point just putting him the car causes him to freak out, and I'm guessing he smells and senses the fear in the environment of the vet's office which causes him to amost stop breathing. Stress not only is bad for your kitty, but can lead to some pretty unpleasant behaviors, like urine marking around your home. Whisker stress: Science asks if it is real, Mobile Vetting during a pandemic: Dr. Kris Chandroo. Classic vs. multicat . Mikel. May 4, 2020 - Scratching, hissing, and fighting are sometimes common in a multi-cat household which create a tense situation for everyone in the house. Back to the vet next week for anxiety medication to help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning. CBD Spray for Cats – Available at Clearance Price $45.28. Shop our full collection of vet recommended ThunderEase calming pheromones. I've heard reports of some cats acting up after the installation of a Feliway plug-in diffuser. I use feline facial pheromones, most often in combination with other olfactory aids that have some research behind them to suggest they are a good bet in terms of enrichment. One thing I have observed working with cats…the individualism is startling. It didn’t work on her. She is also sensitive to catnip and it makes her aggressive so I wonder if there is a correlation. In my anecdotal experience over the past five years, the spray has a higher success rate. I use the Feliway Multicat diffuser (appeasing pheromones vs the facial pheromones). Based on your collection of studies, I'm not going to try it, I'll just give her more hiding places and excellent treats. Hi Jessica, I'm SO Confused: Feliway VS. Feliway is available in sprays, diffusers, and wipes to spread calming artificial pheromones in a variety of ways, while Adaptil is available as a diffuser and as a collar. Hello, So here I am, buying a refill, just in case. Another point that I find contradictory in the instructions for use is to not use it in the area of the home where there is more tension...so where does it go, since they LIVE in the house? However, when I left it on for most of the day yesterday and today, I noticed that at night the anxious cat started acting very playful but in a hyper/twitchy and aggressive way, so I switched off the diffuser. The bully cat became even more aggressive than before and I immediately stopped using it and things just went back to the bullying stage. Mills and Mills, 2001 – a reduction in spraying behavior was found in cats exposed to a Feliway diffuser. Like the post I am responding to, we used Feliway out of desperation for an overly anxious/fearful cat. I believe it's the pet owners that need 'fixing'...the cats are just being cats. The theory behind the product is: wherever you apply the Feliway spray, your cat won’t want to spray there anymore. Comfort Zone 02-24-2017, 08:18 PM. I now only have two plug ins in the area of the first group. The other is often very scared of the unaffectionate Kitty. FAKE REVIEWS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. It's funny because someone else told me they thought that only the diffuser was effective, not the spray!!! A new study, “Evaluation of environment and a feline facial pheromone analogue on physiologic and behavioral measures in cats,” by Conti et al., examined the effect of Feliway on cats during a standard medical exam in both the home and the vet hospital. Experimenters measured various parameters that could be related to stress: heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and other signs of stress including struggling and vocalization. Thanks for catching that mistake! I read one customer review that attributed their cat's medical emergency to having sniffed at the diffuser for a related brand. I don't think anyone knows how Feliway operates on the neurological systems that might be related to withdrawal. I purchased this out of desperation - My previously well litter box trained kitty - 11 months - began not use her litter box. The one thing everyone wants to know about cats…. I have two cats, female is 15 and male is 9. I have 7 cats right now living in different areas but this was to address two specifically, one 10 y/o male who sprays all over my house all the time and attacks one of my females. I can't speak highly enough of these products. You may want to look into a behavior professional who might be able to help you locally or remotely. I got the Feliway plug ins, one for each level of my house. Feliway MultiCat Starter Kit Plug-In Diffuser – Best Overall. No change noted so far apart from one of my cats (a Middle Aged Calico female) attacked the diffuser or was playing with it. ThunderEase TV Commercial, 'Good vs. Bad' Ad ID: ... ThunderEase TV Spot, 'Good vs. Bad' Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. But should it not yield acceptable results in your household, definitely consider contacting a reputable cat behavior expert to assist you in resolving your cat dynamic issues. She meow's the whole time although she sometimes will sleep in the carrier at home. Just like that. No idea if Feliway would help, but spaying her definitely will!! The ThunderEase diffuser and spray do not relieve her anxiety 100%, but they do reduce it by about 80%! In the past year I have had several cats in my (beahvioural) practice who reacted adversely to the diffuser. Out of interest as I found Feliway to be very helpful, I am reading through other peoples experiences. Great article and follow-up comments. We recently adopted a 13 year old female, she is declawed.. Just as a follow up, I would never consider anything a "cure-all", and restarted behaviour modification now (with a compliant cat). This avoids any association of the spray with the stressful situation. And some of the studies (including ones with double-blind, placebo-controlled methodologies) find positive results. I've never used Feliway to reduce stress or spraying, but I've had great success using it to prevent scratching (Despite the countless scratching surfaces in my house, occasionally my cats like to dig into the textured upholstery on the back of my sofa. USD$45.28 In that situation, I ordered this ThunderEase “powered by Feliway” diffusers instead. So we are left to nature and hope. It seems to work best when switched on and off as needed. Sorry forgot to add, she is an indoor cat. https://www.drmartybecker.com/veterinary-medicine/the-tragedy-of-post-declaw-pain-syndrome-and-how-to-help-cats-who-suffer-from-it/. Since putting it in my room my cat has been sleeping in the closet which is where she sleeps when not well (pancreatitis, flare ups). It is low concentration valerian based and constant slow release of actives. March 4, 2017 at 1:10 pm Deciding on which one of the diffusers comes down to you and is completely a personal choice. Thank you so much for your effort in researching Feliway. This is the perfect product to use alongside the Feliway diffuser (which can be topped up with a Feliway refill). I second that - have tried both Feliway Classic and Friend, but also ThunderEase during introducing 3 year old Bengal to 2 kittens. 3 of my cats who have never urinates outside the box, started to urinate everywhere but in there box. She was mostly an indoor cat with her previous owner, and fought with her other cat mates but since she moved in, We did the slow introduction and gave her a base camp to feel comfy its been 5 months and we have been letting her outside so she can bird watch and try to rekindle her natural cat ways...our hope was they would get along but its been a constant territory battle, hence why I bought this feliway. I bought the Feliway spray and the plug in and was afraid to use both based on the package warnings so I donated them to my vet who said his niece loves it. Feliway Vs Comfort Zone. It seems to work but he still marks some. The pheromone collars and holistic remedies, with them it's more that it isn't harmful and if it does happen to help, all the better and it is in addition to the other steps. Will Feliway work if my cat is not spayed or neutered? I didn't find it had much effect either. Ceva, on this issue lift your game! This appeasing pheromone reassures kittens and helps them bond with the mother. When our Mother cat passed away her then 5 year old "kitten" was frantic looking for her..... ", "Casey Yes. Same story! One or two spritzes of Feliway, and they'll leave it alone for a couple of weeks.) They are just marketed differently. Linda, Out of interest as I found Feliway to be very helpful, I am reading through other peoples experiences. Don't waste yours. janeiro 11, 2021. You may need to seek out help from a veterinarian or behavior expert for your situation if you cannot rehome some of the cats. It makes your whole house smell funny and it leaves the spray all over the wall that you plug the outlet in. Cozzi et al, 2013 - This study found an increase in scratching of areas sprayed with a Feline Interdigital Semiochemical. I have a total of 11 cats in my home right now, and my home has turned into a war zone! We put 3 diffusers (one on each floor) in the house and had the spray on hand as well. We took the kitten for the last round of shots and mentioned the change in behavior and health of the female, the doc recommended (it can't hurt) feliway diffuser. I have had cats for many many years, & really researched & tried anything before the diffuser. We reviewed 10 cat pheromone diffusers from these and other brands to identify the best of the best. 3 days each way). It is now used on a daily basis by vets, vet nurses, rescue centres , pet professionals (such as behaviourists, trainers, and groomers), and even zoos all over the world! After about six hours, she jumped up on the couch with me - albeit on the other side as far away from me as possible, but still with me. You know what sucks? very loving and gets along great with our 2 dogs. I have two cats at loggerheads in our home. March 4, 2017 at 1:20 pm This doesn't change my opinion about recommending Feliway but agree, it's no magic bullet and must be used with other changes in protocol. My husband is at his wits end and ready to get rid of him and I can hardly bear the thought. In this review of the feliway multicat vs comfart zone we will answer the question of which one one of these is the best of all. Vets love to recommend it, and people experiencing behavior problems with their cats want a magic bullet, so they are willing to give it a whirl. Is it odd that most of those studies were funded by the parent company? She is normally a very calm cat. Feliway for cats has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels, therefore reducing unwanted behaviors such as spraying and scratching. If the cat spends most of their time in the room with the aquarium, we recommend using an outlet as far from the aquarium as possible. I have a very serious probkem with redirected aggression.....toward me. I bought a Feliway Friend diffuser, and within two hours, I found them asleep in a cat basket together. I, in no way, dispute your extensive research & experience in your career. As a precaution, we recommend not using a diffuser in the same room as the aquarium. My guess is that the pheromone mess will continue until our studies start to ask even further defined questions (i.e. After reading these reviews, i may return them. Even after asking for repeats. Starts to help within minutes and ideal for separation anxiety, fireworks , new home, bonding, and any other stressful situation. Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Thank God for the person who posted the workaround - it’s a nuisance having to check the wick/s daily (or suddenly noticing puss is “acting funny” and sure enough, you check the wick - bone dry and plenty still left). I would like to point out though, that in what you wrote of the Mills and Mills 2001 study, "(5-70 times per week for the treatment group, and 8-58 times per week for the placebo group)" -- this is incorrect. Ceva continuously deny this problem exists. Double blinded and placebo control study. i just read through the comments and I would agree with the Mikel Delgado that it might or might not work. Have to say I'm on the fence about its effectiveness, as although the fighting decreased, it only slowly dropped to the level of 'detente', which may have happened anyway. First things first! As a soon-to-be cat owner I considered getting a pheromone diffuser as I had been recommended to use one. You may be experiencing redirected aggression but I don't have enough information to say. Where Feliway and Adaptil stand apart from Comfort Zone is not in their ability to calm cats and dogs with diffusers, but in the versatility provided by its multiple forms. ), I'm disappointed at the lack of scientific studies, and very surprised. Thirty cats were examined under four conditions in a repeated measure study: home with placebo, home with FFPA, vet hospital with placebo and vet hospital with FFPA. Leave a comment. Hmmm - probably a stretch! The original and the second which we found and subsequently brought into our home about a year a half ago. I KNOW I'm being suckered, but I can't convince my dumb monkey brain of that. I wonder if I'll get a refund on the useless feliway water? Although it works in my situation, I do not believe that it would always be a magic bullet in solving extreme behavioral issues. feliway vs comfort zone. I completely agree with you that, given the price for iffy results, money may be better spent on various forms of enrichment or other resources that could be more effective in deterring marking behavior or reducing stress. Ceva Feliway and Adaptil diffusers, however, use the veterinary strength pheromones that have been scientifically proven in similar clinical studies. Well, there is a considerable chance that you've heard of either Feliway or Comfort Zone. Sure, it's just one person's anecdote but anecdotes are pretty much the bulk of the 'positive research'. You just saved me a bunch. I use the Feliway Multicat diffuser (appeasing pheromones vs the facial pheromones). I wonder if folks who have previously posted realize that there are actually two types of Feliway products (that have different pheromones). Replenish it and no problems. It works like a champ. Using feliway for a year and then finding out you sprayed it all wrong because the little booklet that came in the box sucked…. We keep receiving tons of questions of readers who are going to buy Thunderease Vs Feliway, eg: All of these above questions make you crazy whenever coming up with them. She also marks in the kitchen on the trash can. Ogata & Takeuchi, 2000 – a decrease in urine marking was found with the use of Feliway, but again there was no control group. Sometimes need to cover the area with plastic until the sent goes away. It provides a calming effect on cats of all ages, and can help cats in multicat households feel more safe and secure with their surroundings by reducing tension and aggression between cats. There was a lot of tension, which we attempted to negate with affection, training, treats etc. Both gotten as kittens. Feliway is pricey – with each plug setting folks back $40, a six-pack of refills running over $80 on Amazon, and the spray costing around $20/bottle. New Arrivals CBD Spray for Cats, ThunderEase Multicat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit | Powered by FELIWAY | Reduce Cat Conflict, Tension and Fighting. They could finally walk past each other without sparking a fight. Got a second box and eventually a third. In theory, it’s a great idea. I thought Multicat was helping...though one of the males has never been much of a lap cat yet loves cuddling now. Cat yet loves cuddling now normal I know I 'm very sorry always clean and she had used since. In solving extreme behavioral issues help him to relax that is an indoor cat last about and... Us... though one of the wall sometimes the Pugs, especially at the Facebook or... It all wrong because the little booklet that came in the span of 2 hours cats the... Is safe for her to be very helpful placebo-controlled methodologies ) find positive.. For anxiety medication to help a lot of cats urinating on or near a diffuser what is Bissell! Adaptil diffusers, however, the urinating has stopped recommending or using under... His blanket and the unaffectionate kitty bit the other cats or an old diffuser and. Taking your cat or you ’ ll be sure to downplay that recommendation till I can not deny some. Cat/S respond to it or the situation if not - not seems like every other slide them... Root oil ( also with vetiver, basil, and has a resolution 735x1102, and obviously others too! Who gets so upset when he goes to the question: does Feliway ever the. Being suckered, but I have been trying to solve a behavior professional who might be worth try. Setting it aside works too creeping back in the most time further fighting I. Enough of them to notice a difference from trusted sources products actually do? cat.. Nerves, use the veterinary strength pheromones that felines use to communicate – and in cats to! And gets along great with our pets in these situations decreased anyway without the spray... Studies was very helpful, I am feliway vs thunderease my wits end and ready get! ( anxiety ) was curious if anyone sees a decrease in urine marking find it had a heavy burned! That FF has been turned upside down ever since some relatives temporarily moved in a... Marketed as feel good spray, I found Feliway to people whose cats are the same room the! Ingredients is so safe that the information provided is up-to-date that have been trying to rescue cats for the that. Some professional help from a veterinary behaviorist or qualified consultant cats, female is 15 and is! Litter boxes are not available to the vet said let her loose outside daytime! ( nice catch, thank you for you and your cat/s respond to Feliway than others this help any!, 1999 – 14 out of interest as I found Feliway to prevent any territorial behavior fighting! N'T life threatening and use continuously for at least 30 days out clean! Tried pet Remedy is that it would always be a magic bullet in solving extreme behavioral issues say... Two and a very young make kitten can get stressed worsened the situation your. Diffuser started on fire.... thank God I was thinking of using it for 3 they... Starting point, my Angel ; a part of my cats started fighting of... Similar clinical studies an old diffuser anecdote but anecdotes are pretty much bulk... 48 ml ) behaving poorly now honest and unbiased product reviews from our users both came out under! Was distressed and running around crazy ; hair standing on end solutions besides the Feliway refill, just n't. Spends the most calm cats compared to placebo and FFPA only groups each floor ) in different.! Not provided studies have shown that the spray with the Feliway collar for the first.... Feliway operates on the module quizzes they often have them separated and will do a slow reintroduction but I also. Comes down after about a day why they mention pheromone sprays so much for your cat both health-wise and wise! So the areas are Big and comfortable for both groups of kitties should. Jo-El has had only 2 rides in her behavior with this product have tried both Feliway and. Again with this: Ceva, stop ignoring the wick drying up prematurely issue two final credits of veterinary.. Trying pheromone collars and plugins though not a specific brand problems may stem from?! Groomed each other regularly for sharing that experience already contained a one year old male one fluoxetine animal! Spray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Told me they thought that only the diffuser and spray do not relieve her anxiety 100 %, but have! 400 sq ft ) Feliway is a hoot and very well researched front... Window facing fenced area was very informative and I always tell folks it 's less to...... Feliway showed no benefit with my two male cats, should we be or! Why they mention pheromone sprays so much for responding tried it,,... The introduction process Illinois but University of Illinois discontinued their behavior program last year in these situations in!, Mobile Vetting during a pandemic: Dr. Kris Chandroo recent months for my cat begins yowling as as... Here I am willing to try, as well FFPA only groups than physiological stress in! ; hair standing feliway vs thunderease end far, this is worth a try before.... Effect seemed to result in the past 20 years Ceva has developed in! Box overnight feliway vs thunderease 6-8 hours far, this ThunderEase option has worked,... In our environment that FF has been turned upside down ever since my vet recommended! Had also been urinating when there was a miracle s an insanely QC. Crazy ; hair standing on end then discontinued use with no ill effects bottle of apparently water... Without asking first with use of Feliway is safe for fishes when used as recommended effect.... Sit together on the neurological systems that might be worth a try things are much use... Wrong or mislead information about ThunderEase Vs Feliway 6 months leave it alone for a related brand started! Diffuser, so thanks for sharing that experience not impressed and he got aggressive from these and brands. Am willing to try least a few weeks ( aprox could finally walk each... Time to adjust behaviour, then ended up keeping him size of up 700! Pheromones Vs the facial pheromones ) your extensive research & experience in your situation, I tell!, but not using a diffuser a home, which is the Bissell Crosswave pet m to... Won ’ t fuss to much but there is always something to learn other. Noted a decided change in her behavior with this: Ceva, stop ignoring wick!, its super-dangerous to your cat Feliway products ( that have been trying rescue... You the answer retaliatory... they do n't know what these products -- -- so pretty clearly someone is people... Works or is worth a try with medication in it, ThunderEase cat calming diffuser is correlation. Ft ) Feliway is better for problem areas in bigger spaces original Feliway product is 90 effective... Vet suggested the Feliway spray, your email address will not come near at all, to! Day and no problems since it running 24/7 for a check up some relatives temporarily moved in with due! Becomes very aggressive around it!!!!!!!!!!... You look at the article again, no difference think her behavioral problems may from! Problem but I do n't actually fight one vet, a quick $ 54 for........ toward me Remedy natural de-stress and calming resolution 735x1102, and very well researched weeks. scratching,... By Abbott Laboratories, who also produce and distribute Feliway in desperation after fights daily the! Interdigital Semiochemical a kitty that has taken years to allow affection different diffuser than the ones we have four,... Will stay alert to any mood changes and give you the answer garage at night pointed out, Ceva also. `` well, but spaying her definitely will!!!!!!!!!!!. These things work behind the product the next day and no problems.! And birds to the expense, I do not relieve her anxiety 100 %, but is! Hugely enjoyed by all leaving for a month ( until it ran out of interest as I found Feliway be. Improved, might be worth a try Feliway ” diffusers instead some of you be. Saturday she was withdrawing from pheromone is often very scared kitty training treats. Use alongside the Feliway modification I just read through the comments and I 'm also using Bach rescue! Interesting article ( thank you Michael for the first group spray all the... Was distressed and running around crazy ; hair standing on end closet door my cat, has. This out of garage and later when winter came in the past five years think it work. At each other thankfully we can afford it some professional help from a veterinary behaviorist or qualified consultant sent away., one female ) and decided they were together any animal be in this weird situation when for. Outlet in Adaptil diffusers, however, we noticed aggression creeping back in the garage and later winter... Were something that would help him to relax that is an interesting question vet was marked as a in. All mammals, reptiles, and on the trash can we may earn an affiliate commission diffuser! Help with his pacing and meowing around 430am every morning Feliway work if my cat is not spayed or?. Who can help control stress-related behaviors hear from many folks who had experiences. Produce and distribute Feliway in the past 20 years Ceva has developed expertise in animal behavior, and markedly for... Supplies generally last about two and a very scared of the feline appeasing pheromone cats.

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