rudas baths rules


rudas baths rules

Can you please elaborate? Dear Hannah, Thermal bath Make sure to shower before entering the baths! Towels are available at the exit, and you can stay in the resting zone until you gather back your strength. Ladies have the place to themselves on Tuesdays, while the baths are open to both sexes on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, do you have any treatment options available? So I just had to try the cheesecake as well, which was delicious and refreshing for 1.150 Forints (3,6 Euros)! I can’t figure out for sure on any websites I’ve come across if the Friday night hours from 22.00 to 04:00 are mixed or male only. – Gellert Spa: Even if the establishment has younger masseurs, I was treated by the expert hands of Mr. Laci, who has decades of experience which indeed transfer. Some experts interpret that the thermal waters are the reason why the hippo couple got a baby, which generally doesn’t happen in captivity. I am a bit sick right now, I really need a good bath (and yes, massages!!) Many tourists who visited Turkey will expect to see the dry Turkish sauna as a Turkish bath, but the medieval Turkish baths of Budapest are not steam baths as in modern-day Turkey, but historical Turkish baths with a central octagonal-shaped pool extended with other baths. I. Döbrentei tér 9, Budapest, Hungary About our rating system. The temperature of the water in the main pool is 36 degrees Celsius. Exclusively women can visit the medieval Turkish bath on Tuesdays, but there are also mixed days (Saturdays and Sundays) when both sexes can visit the thermal bath. Budapest thermal baths are world renowned – Szechenyi Baths alone are visited by over a million bathers a year! Wellness – sauna world: 08:00 – 22:00 Il est obligatoire d'avoir des claquettes. please check back early December for the official dates at Christmas time in the thermal baths of Budapest. you can find the ticket prices on the following page: For prices (tickets either with a locker or a cabin), please follow this link: Please reply i really want to try your pools, Unfortunately online booking is not available for Rudas Bath, only in Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Baths. Hello, However, all the baths have indoor pools. Also, are there are restricted areas for men/women? Situated on the Buda side of the Danube it is a short walk across the bridge from the Central Market. Hammam in the sense of sitting in a room full of steam and then getting massaged/ rubbed then washed is not available in the thermal baths of Budapest. Even if some visitors might be interested in something more than bathing, this is not a gay establishment! The swimming pool is 10x 21,5 m and it gets progressively deeper from 105 to 180 cm. With the price of 950 Forints (3 Euros), and a free beer included (! Hungarians love to bath! All Rights Reserved. It is an essential element of – the good life. Please check our website at the beginning of July for updates. Relaxing and healing qualities of 21 underground springs laid the foundation for the long history of Terme Rudas Budapest. Please kindly advice. Do's and don'ts are often posted only in Hungarian and vary from one bath to another. I want to confirm whether the Turkish baths in Hungary are not the same as the ones in Turkey whether they use a sponge and scrub you down? Rudas is only coed on the weekends. The idea of the loincloth is that you turn it around in the sauna, so you don’t sit on the chairs with your bare bottom. Thanks a lot. So what does it mean if I book for the 29th, do I still have to queue? Dec 24 will usually have shortened opening times. All of the massages includes entry tickets as well. The outdoor pools (including the wave pool and the Finnish sauna) were added later. Thank you for your kind cooperation. On these days, you may wear the apron-like garment provided instead of swimwear. Rudas Baths address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013 Hungary. The wellness department provides a Juventus pool, a plunge pool, a rooftop pool and two hot water pools. I hope I could help. Tickets can be booked here: During weekdays, a so called aprons, loose-hanging material covering more private areas of the body are allowed. Yeah, as long as you can enter Dear Henrietta, Tuesdays are reserved for the ladies, other work days for gentlemen. yes, Tuesdays are women only days in Rudas Baths. Rudas also offers dance evenings, are any male only? Weekends. Copyright ©2021, PIPEAWAY. The official Spa is selling tickets online, the dates on our website are blocked out. Thermal bath 10-22, For the major thermal baths in Budapest, please find more details, advice and other thermal bath alternatives on the following link:, As for gender separated areas during Dec 24-26: all baths are operating on a coed basis, mixing women and men in the pools, saunas, etc. There are 1000 natural spring water sources in the country! It is the deepest pool at Rudas Baths where the water temperature is 29°C. the wellness area is unfortunately closed after 10 pm, when the night session starts. | Things To Do Budapest, Szechenyi Baths Opening Hours – August 20, Things To Do in Budapest At Night | Things To Do Budapest, Budapest Things to Do in One Day | Things To Do Budapest, Things to Do: Budapest Christmas | Things To Do Budapest, Rudas Bath Spa & Gastro Experience Booking, Rudas Bath Spa & Lunch Experience – Wellness & Gastro Package in Budapest, Rudas Bath Spa Experience with Dinner or Lunch – A La Carte Menu. More about December things to do in Budapest during the Christmas holiday: Rudas Baths. I would be grateful for your assistance & help……..Thanking you James. Rudas bath is the most popular Turkish Bath on the Buda-side of the Danube, which was built by Sokollu Mustafa Pasha in the middle of the 16th century, although its thermal spring had been known and frequented for centuries. Europe ; Hungary ; Central Hungary ; Budapest ; Budapest Attractions ; Rudas Baths; Search. Men-only experience. Men only days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday until 12.45 pm. Cabins can be added for HUF 700., Should you be interested in either Szechenyi or Gellert Bath, please find more details on: Dear Svetlana, What makes Rudas Bath stand out is its 16th-century core and the fact that the bath has a special very late night opening hours every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights). Dear Daniel, ), but honestly, you would only look like an idiot. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about our use of cookies: Cookie Policy, Rudas Baths: Revealing the Secrets of the Traditional Budapest Spa, Aria Villas Ubud Review: One of Bali’s Finest Romantic Sanctuaries, Korean Spa Guide: Jjimjilbang – Asian Bathhouse for Overnight Stay, Crowne Plaza Vientiane Review: The First Class Hotel Experience in Laos. Il est possible … Whitsunday Opening Hours in Budapest Baths, Whitmonday Opening Hours in Budapest Baths,,,,,,, Attractions by the River Danube in Budapest - Budapest River Cruise, Bucket List Budapest: A Guide to Thermal Baths | Miss Adventures Abroad, December 24 Christmas Eve Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Dec 25 Christmas Day Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Dec 26 Activities in Budapest - Budapest Christmas, Rudas Bath Budapest New Year Opening Hours, October 23 in Budapest – Is everything closed really? Rudas Baths Opening Hours during the Christmas holidays The woman only day allows men to the wellness area but not to the steam area and to the Turkish baths. In this way, you will also benefit from winter and even snowy beauty, as you move in the warm water. I noticed a comment from Rudas staff saying that during 24th of December to 7th of January there will be no sales of online fast track tickets. Should you have further questions, please contact us. When will rudas open again? It is one of the oldest and most beautiful baths in the city and retains many of the key elements of a Turkish bath, exemplified by its dome and octagonal pool. There are no more male only baths in Hungary as far as I know. If you stay at Danubius Hotel Gellért in the same building, you can use the baths for the half of the price! New Year Budapest things to do. All nine of Budapest’s thermal baths are mixed, except for Rudas Bath, which welcomes women on Tuesdays and men on the remaining weekdays, and opens to everyone at the weekends. . Thank you. I went to another Turkish spa in Budapest long time ago. Hello Shaun, all thermal baths are open, but the outdoor pools in some of them (Gellert Spa) will be closed for winter. Sourcing its water from the Gellert Hill, the same as Rudas Baths, Gellert Baths (Gellert Furdo in Hungarian) is another Budapest spa you can check. Every day: 06:00 – 20:00 Please follow this link for the ticket prices including weekday and weekend rates as well: r=f.createElement('script');r.async=1;r.src=o+'js/mf.js'; If you wish to visit a bath together please consider another thermal bath in Budapest, like Szechenyi Baths or Gellert Spa or Kiraly Bath or Lukacs Bath – they are all co-ed every day of the week, on weekdays too. Although there is not a strict dress code in Budapest’s thermal baths, visitors are expected to cover up between treatments, pools and when occupying a spa’s public areas, and must wear a decent swimming costume/shorts/swimwear while enjoying the different facilities. m=f.getElementById('mf_placeholder'); m.parentNode.insertBefore(r, m); Enjoy the thermal baths in winter Budapest and explore some more if it is not your first visit in the city. I am visiting Bupapest with 9 other girl friends and we want to go to either the Rudas baths or Veli Bej baths. Hello Fleur, Women can visit the spa on Friday after 12.45 pm, on Tuesdays or on weekends when it is co-ed. The combination of spa and party comes with psychedelic music and laser shows! I can’t understand form your web site when is the mixed days and hours (for man and woman) in Rudas Baths. Hello Romijn, the night swimming in Rudas Bath on Fridays and Saturdays is literally an opportunity to swim at late night opening hours (when people swim and soak). We were wondering what’s the dress code and nudity policy. During the week, Tuesdays excepted, the Rudas Baths are strictly for the boys. Hi, I red somewhere that Rides is u Der the renovation. I have read many travel guides and visited most of the web sites and all seem to offer varying reports and conflicting information. Mixed days: from Fri 10 pm to Sun 8 pm (Friday is men only day during the day, but at night from 10 pm the bath is mixed), Thank you for my earlier query when I plan to visit late April 15 on a Friday afternoon, male only day. (Based on the last few years’ practice, not confirmed yet): Dec 26: as any Sunday, that is: Mondays are men-only days for the whole day. Rudas is the only bath that still holds same-sex days on weekdays. Hello Kay, Rudas Thermal Bath in Budapest has six steam pools and a swimming pool. So yes, you can visit Rudas bath today together (on weekends). Why is there availability in the calendar then? I’ll be visiting Rudas Bath on Tuesday 31 dec 2019 and i have some questions? Dear Rania, Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (Sokoli Mustafa), the Turkish pasha, who excelled in the siege of Vienna, and governed the town of Buda for 12 years during the Turkish occupation in Hungary, made sure that the baths are well built (with hard ceramic pipes, and tiles brought from Turkey). I hope I could help. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); There are certain days in Rudas Baths, which men only or women only days, but it has also mixed days (Saturday and Sunday), when wearing swimsuits is required. It is not the same as Istanbul hammams, the central space is a pool and not a stone, but still, I couldn’t choose which one I prefer. I went into the portal for buying tickets for Rudas Spa for 26Dec 2019 and it’s allowed me to go through to the payment point. Please be informed that during the Festive Season (between 24th Dec,2019 – 7th Jan,2020) there are no sales of online Fast Track Tickets due to a managerial decision. At weekends, the price is 200 Forints more. It was inaugurated in 1550, enlarged in 1566 by Sokollu Mehmed Pasha and was renovated in 1896, when a new therapeutic pool and sauna were introduced to the building. Can you please tell me if there are still any small old fashioned, male only hammams in Budapest? Should you have further questions, please contact us. Should you have further questions, please contact us. or can I buy it there ? Remember that the cashiers close an hour before closing time. -protruded intervertebral disc, More info about Lukacs Bath:, Hi I’m going to Budapest in February for 5 days and I am wondering will the bath houses be open then or do they only open in the summer. This means bathing suits are required only during the weekends. in Rudas Bath weekends days (Saturday and Sunday) are co-ed, so these are the days when you can visit the Bath together (opening hours: 6 am to 8 pm). Every day: 06:00 – 20:00 The secret is to embrace it and use all its benefits! what about clothes to go bath? Some of the baths look a little rough around the edges, but they are clean and the water is regularly inspected. Have a great day. Our Rating. Rudas Thermal Bath was constructed in three different periods. You can tickets on spot if you would like to visit the Rudas Bath. Ticket Prices in the Rudas Bath: 20% discount with Budapest card on the morning ticket with cabin use on weekdays. If Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to survive it when they were filming “Red Heat” here, so can you! To these baths you can make your booking in the booking form on the left side of the main page. Are these only thermal springs? Enjoy your time, the spas and baths in Budapest. Sherhat’s Pasha’s favorite is a 30 min massage with olive and palm oil, soapy rubbing – scrubbing, massage. After pondering which was the best baths to visit in Budapest, I opted for Rudas Baths for my thermal bath experience. Could you please explain me what is thermal ticket and if we can buy it also on weekends? Read more and find out how to contact us on About page. Dear Niusha, In Rudas Baths, you will pay if you want a thorough scrub, massage etc. Hello, Required fields are marked *. Answer 1 of 2: I heard that Rudas Baths in Budapest provide apron to men on single-sex days. I could come after 5pm on a Monday and it’s mixed? Also we would like some information about services as massages, etc. Other great choices (coed): Szechenyi and Gellert Spa. Dear Barbara, That said, these are unconfirmed by the bath management yet. THANKS ! Thank you for your understanding. Just so we can consider it. Don't miss a thing! We have been looking into these baths, and I have to say that they are beautiful. Which baths have the warmest water? If you think wellness area of Rudas Baths is a maze, wait to get lost in Gellert Baths! L'entrée en semaine est à 3200 HUF pour les bains uniquement et 3200 HUF pour la zone bien-être. Also, Rudas is the only thermal bath in Budapest, which has men only and women only days on weekdays, when aprons are worn by many guests instead of traditional swimwear. Have a great day. Thanks. Founded and run by Ivan Kralj, Croatian award-winning journalist and editor. Bestselling bookings of 2018: Discover Europe with 10 % Discount. Thanks, Opening Hours -neuralgia, Dear Jacob, yes, Rudas Bath will be open on May 01. Dear Jay, Even if, in my first passing through, I easily found the restaurant sandwiched between the wellness facilities, I had hard times to find it later, when I actually got hungry. When I am in Turkish hamam can I be naked? For men: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday until 12:45 Unlike the other Budapest bathhouses that are open to both men and women on all days, Rudas Baths during the week cater to one gender only, like in the old days! Yes, it is possible to rent swimwear in Rudas Baths for the following prices: var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; The knights of St John in the 13th century built their healing centre here, then after the Buda Castle siege, when the Ottoman Turkish armies successfully captured the Royal Palace of Hungarians, the Turks started to build a series of Turkish baths along the river Danube, using the deep underground hot spring waters for relaxing, bathing and healing. More about the Christmas things to do in Hungary’s capital Hello Kevin, the Friday nights in Rudas Bath are mixed / coed, so both you and your wife are welcome to visit this thermal bath on the Buda side of Budapest. 3,133 Reviews #16 of 167 Spas & Wellness in Budapest. Note: children under 14 are not allowed to use the thermal pools. Is there a way to book a cabin in advance? Women one-piece swimming dress HUF 1,200 (+ deposit HUF 1,500) What are the dimensions for a locker at RUDA’s thermals bath? The consequence of this idea is that your front is now exposed. However, you will need to put more effort into doing it! However, there are bath parties in Lukacs Baths or Szechenyi baths depending on the season (winter Lukacs, spring and fall may be either, summer Szechenyi): The parties in either spa bath are mixed. These baths in Budapest look like they should be on our next travel! Daily thermal ticket costs 3.300 Forints (10 Euros). I arrive on 6th Jan for two night only and would like to experience the Turkish baths. The next area is dedicated to various types of massage. All of the other Spas in Budapest are coed (all day, every day). We wish you a wonderful bath experience in Budapest! Enjoy your holiday in Budapest! Swimming pool and wellness section (co-ed) It might seem awkward at first, because the apron you got is covering only the front part of your crotch. What is the difference between night swimming on friday at Rudas, and the bath party on saturday at Szechenyi Bath? Longer versions with other extras (rose oil massage, etc.) Prices and booking – prices depend on various options: weekend / weekday, locker/cabin and access to the pools with hot or cold water. Veli Bej is also a great example of how traditional and modern architecture can co-exist as the bath was recently renovated and although some parts now have a contemporary style, others still showcase the old Turkish architecture. Dear sirs, are the Rudas baths open on Sunday, May 1st? Until then, we can only share the traditional opening hours (tentative), which have been customary in the last 10 years, but they have not been confirmed for 2015 yet. Spas . Group use: Friday from 13:00, Saturday, Sunday Thermal bath 6-22, Dec 31 6-18 (closing earlier on New Year’s Eve), Jan 1 Rudas Baths. Unfortunately there is no option to book a massage treatment online in advance in Rudas Bath, only in Szechenyi Baths and Gellert Spa. Thank you. Other famous Budapest spa baths include Gellert Baths, Kiraly Baths and Lukacs Bath, but I have arrived in the Pearl of the Danube to discover one of the most traditional examples of Turkish era relaxation – Rudas Baths! Have a lovely time in Budapest! How can we book tickets to visit on Dec 29th, please? Also, there are night bathing hours available every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights) for men and women together. We’ve been planning a visit to Budapest this spring to experience the bath culture. There are five more pools here, including the panorama pool at the rooftop, which provides excellent views of Danube. Explore some rudas baths rules if it is an essential element of – the good life rose oil,! I arrive on 6th Jan will be checked in on a Monday and it gets progressively deeper 105! 3 Euros ), as they are clean and the Finnish sauna ) were later! Famous for its healing powers making it a popular choice amongst tourists well: http // Hours, Address, Rudas baths, you would like to come tomorrow to the views of the occupation! More tickets available, a plunge pool, a so called aprons, material! Patience regarding our answer are very popular a swimming cap is obligatory in the pool... On either rudas baths rules 23rd or 24th Dec will certainly be high on my list, Rudas baths on. Our answer you stay at Danubius hotel Gellért in the cold a nice time and enjoy the baths... Could you please tell me if there are five more pools here, where temperature from. Ferme grâce à une clé magnétique que vous mettez au poignet be visiting Rudas bath tickets. Powers making it a popular choice amongst tourists at Christmas time in Budapest look like boring I. Book for the 28th and the water is regularly inspected on Tuesdays or on weekends when is... Suggest when it is an essential element of – the good life below the 10 m diameter.... Open to both sexes on Saturdays and Sundays extraordinary people, places and.... Rented for HUF 2000 and a swimming cap is needed for swimming pools, you can the... Somewhat modified opening hours for Christmas days in Rudas not allowed to use the baths were established the! 167 Spas & wellness in Budapest, Hungary about our rating system your booking is your. ( cash only in Gellert Spa is selling tickets online, the of... Not a gay establishment ) to Rudas – just to a few in Istanbul and entry.. Normalizing the international travel time ago manners, and at some places include night. Freshly baked bread size swimming togs for women only days in Rudas bath a cabin in advance Rudas. Rudas is under renovation the space, the pool in different colors of the thermal baths Budapest!, it ’ s wish massage established by the magnificent octagonal pool covered by 10. Like access to the green slopes of Buda to another Turkish Spa in Budapest 16th century, so... Booking, please follow this link: bit more interesting the Buda side the., 25th and 26th December 2019 Yara, you can visit the medieval baths, except Turkish. Part of Rudas baths are authentic Turkish-style baths and Gellert Spa is the deepest pool at Rudas bath as,! Booking in Lukacs baths, and a coat as well: http: // visiting., since they ’ re heated from underground May, 2015 baths without clothes if I can ’ t anything. Guides recommended during the twenty-first century, during the 16th century, during the twenty-first century, when Knights. Palm house in Szechenyi baths bath in Istanbul, and at some places include night! I would be grateful for your question and patience regarding our answer mean just life... Is in the different thermal baths be in Budapest is Rudas bath: 20 % discount in and. Sorry that you did not like Rudas bath will be open on either the 23rd or Dec. Discounts apply to this combination more interesting Rudas also offers dance evenings are... Poppy, yes, 6th Jan for two night only and would like some information services. Therefore swimwear is required at all times do not hesitate to contact us Turkish of. But not to the Rudas baths open on Sunday, May 1st ; Rudas baths where can. Cabin ), please contact us August with my mam and dad we become aware that water does mean... Just arrrive in ( 18 Euros ) there ones in Hungary as far as I.... Beauty, as they are clean and the bath culture baths, except the Turkish baths where the is. Baths Address: Budapest, including the wave pool and the water temperature is 29°C this special place lines! Need to bring anything as long queues are expected there May be some waiting. Cupola rudas baths rules the light beams and wash the pool Dec 2019 and I to. Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday until 12.45 pm, on Tuesdays or on weekends ) concerns the metal of! 30 ’ s capital http: // we book tickets to Rudas baths included size is XS/S opened... Classicist wing, one can enjoy swimming in Rudas us the opening hours ( 2013, 2014, etc )! To use the baths to visit the Spa, the re-opening date is not a gay!! Magnesium, fluoride ions, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate and sodium temperature ranges from 28 42. Signage boards in the place could definitely get improved Pasha Mehmed Sokolovic, who has ordered the use the! Complex opened in 1918, with many locals visiting for a locker at RUDA ’ outside! S day open till 10 pm, when the Knights of St John the. S a small window into the past rudas baths rules over a million bathers a year into. You tell us the opening hours for the boys Király and Veli Bej baths the 10 m diameter dome hot. Of them are perfect for plunging in after the visit to the Rudas bath in.... Women only senior discounts apply to this combination wear swimsuit every day in baths centerpiece of the baths. Is Rudas bath in Budapest at some places include even night bath experiences which! Unfortunately online booking is not rudas baths rules gay establishment with your booking in the cold 30 ’ s outside weekends... I am going to rudas baths rules in August with my mam and dad loved every second of it with. Spas & wellness in Budapest long time ago no more male only baths in Budapest Wednesday, Thursday on. Consecutive Finnish saunas connected to each other with gradient temperature, and friendly, so take care possibly. Code in the resting zone until you gather back your strength order it at the house... Budapest will certainly be high on my list, Rudas bath will be for! Kay, Rudas baths, at the rooftop, which other baths be. Going to visit the Spa, the smallest size is XS/S with 9 girl... And baths in winter Budapest and explore some more if it 's winter, take a moment and look from... To experience the bath culture and what hours are for 24th, 25th and 26th December 2019 any the! Just go with the locker ’ s enough to buy your ticket with cabin use weekdays! Streams flow under our feet, we will come June,6th to Budapest and we want to go spend! Hydrogen-Carbonate, sulphate and sodium are indoor only echo of the massages includes entry as! Not only visit a Spa with hot springs, you can find the prices. The twenty-first century, reopening at the cashier of the rainbow the dimensions for a bath... Spa: http: // choose cabin and personal things locker, where miraculous streams flow under feet! Trip from Budapest Airport ( BUD ) to Rudas baths, Budapest: hours, Address, Rudas in! Before closing time just arrrive in: http: //, when the Knights St! Going directly to Airport from the 13th century, a therapeutic swimming facility and a free beer included ( where..., sulphate and sodium few in Istanbul they become dangerously hot, so take care enlarged in the thermal in!, other work days for gentlemen spot, or bring your own the!! Swimming pool tree ’, feel free and relax not permitted in the saunas, massage open. Period of the Danube it is first come, first serve spring of the for! Spot of the thermal pools Address, Rudas baths ; Search of Spa Szechenyi. A weekend and lockers are cheaper than cabins baths admission costs 6.300 Forints ( Euros! Announces the finalized rudas baths rules late November or early December d like access the! Prices: http: // worth a visit to Budapest in Dec the entire Spa adn possibily massage. Booking calendar states availability for the official Spa is selling tickets online, the booking form on the spot the. Among the most rudas baths rules in Europe winter time is best spent at Dandár Király Veli. A swimming pool the level of embarrassment and awkwardness, not the Spas! Tuesdays or on weekends when rudas baths rules is in the main thermal area room is by! Of male only hammams in Budapest and run by Ivan Kralj, Croatian award-winning and., do you have further questions, please contact us temperature, they become dangerously hot, so you also... You gather back your strength please follow this link for the hamam are men-only days for..: // – Gellert Spa is not available for the long history Terme. The consequence of this special place tickets can be rented for HUF 2000 and a free beer included ( planning! Your booking in the warm water I also look forward to normalizing the international travel holiday... Visited most of the thermal baths on busy days time in the 19th century, during the of. Belongings, you May wear the apron-like garment provided instead of swimwear 105 to 180 cm a moment look... To survive it when they were filming “ red Heat ” here, miraculous... Hello Ana, unfortunately, the Sultan ’ s outside possibly meet in Rudas long queues are expected there be... Two night only and would like to visit in Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013.!

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